Hey We're Back!

#18 - Good Manners - Kathy Griffin

January 27, 2009 Jonathan Katz Season 1 Episode 18
Hey We're Back!
#18 - Good Manners - Kathy Griffin
Show Notes

The first stop is my favorite cafeteria in NYC, at the Cornell medical building. I used to meet my dad there for lunch. After lunch I decided to take the day off. I walked home and caught my wife in the act with another man and even though I have imagined this a million times I never thought I would have such a “violent” reaction.

The Hip Hop community…it sounds so cute, but most people do not consider themselves members of this group.

More than twenty years ago I became friends with a guy named Frank Morgan. I called him about 15 years ago and last week he returned my call. We spent New Year’s Eve together and reconnected almost immediately. He is a wonderful singer/songwriter so I took a break and shut up

Featuring: Kathy Griffin, Frank Morgan, Davina
Music: Mike Shapiro, Billy Novick, and Guy Van Duser
Additional Music: Frank Morgan, Macy Gray
Additional Recording: Jesse Novak, Jennifer Crow
Additional Editing: Tom Snyder