Hey We're Back!

#20 - Almost Biblical - Todd Barry, Jane Brucker

April 19, 2009 Jonathan Katz Season 1 Episode 20
Hey We're Back!
#20 - Almost Biblical - Todd Barry, Jane Brucker
Show Notes

This episode was actually recorded in front of an audience in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was a group of people so willing to laugh it was depressing. They were sweet, playful and most important, punctual.

The show begins with me breaking the first rule of radio—it’s what the audience hears, not what they see. I started the night by showing the audience a clip from the series of biblical shorts I have been doing for nextbook.org. This is the one where I play Him to Todd Barry’s Moses. You get to hear what they saw.

Then I tell jokes—what i have been doing since 1981 when there were not that many jokes. I sing the theme song from my CD Jonathan Katz Caffeinated. Why does my CD need a theme song?

Finally, I remember that I am on hold, and I pick up the phone and talk to Miss Kiley, voiced by Jane Brucker.

("Holding For Miss Kiley"  was developed into an animated short movie. You can see it here.)

Doing a fake radio show in front of real people is fun. Improv Boston is a great place. They made me feel at home. I don’t even feel at home at home.

Thanks for listening.


Featuring: Todd Barry, Jane Brucker
Music: Mike Shapiro, Billy Novick, and Guy Van Duser
Additional Music: Gemini
Special Thanks to Stephen and Joel Levinson, Jesse Novak, nextbook.org, and Improv Boston